I Hate My Sister!! Such A Brat!!

she's so spoiled! I try so hard to get the highest grade i can! She fails all the time and she receives all the gadget she has iphone 3,iphone4,iphone4s and an iphone 5 and now she is getting an ipad mini... all i have is a nokia 3310. One day she started a secret group with my cousins to be against me, They keep bullying me. Even i tell my parents and they wont believe me. Everyday im always punched and kicked by her. Im always called the runt of the whole family...so what if i like books? that doesnt mean im a nerd. so what if im get high grades? everytime my parents get us fighting its always me who is always blamed and i have to squat for 2hrs no break. (believe me u wouldnt like it)

P.S Way to go playing favorites mom
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 18, 2013