My Little Stupid Sister

My sister is a *****, she thinks all about she, and she has to have all my!!! I think she is stupid and immature and she always treated MY family like a **** I HATE IT!!!! But the worst is that recently we fight and my parents were on their side!!!! It was illogical... I hate she... She always talk about a tour of Europe that my parents pay while she is mean whit them... I wish she stay in Europe for ever and never return... She only thinks in she but she is a loser I have some friends in her class and tell me she is a ***** and she always wear my cloth and returns me dirty but the worse is she is so fat!!! And I'm thin she looks very ugly I hate she she is an ignorant, stupid, mean,loser and a ****!!!!
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 19, 2013