Ill Show U A Problem Child

My family is always fighting. Im 14 at the moment and 20 year old sister keeps ruining my life. Like i would honestly rather spend a day in school with dumb fake dramatic girls then with her because of how much she irritates me. She acts like she knows everything about me when she has know idea. I have tried talking to her but everytime she acts like shes so much better then me, that i have never done anything for her and she does everything for me also that i always start the fight when its her. My parents always take her side and treat her like shes perfect when i have kept so many of her secrets ( like runing away to a party, drinking, drugs) and i have kept her from doing so many god damn stupid *** ****. Im done with my parents putting me down and making me feel horrible, talking **** behind my back with the rest of my family and them making fun of me. Im the only one who hasnt and done any stupid stuff, have earned my grades in an honest way( not stealing like my cousin to be cool) and tries to have healthy fun and not lie to my parents and yet they treating me horribly. I have enough pressure from other things and i feel like they always take their anger out on me. Yet im still stupid enough to have thier backs and defend them from so much ****. Also any little thing they do they have to announce to the whole damn world when i do so much more without them knowing because i dont tell them because they dont care. I might start to do the exact opposite so they will know how to hell of problem child i can be if i have to deal with thier bullshit any more because if they r gunna say things anyway i might as well give them a ******* reason!!!!! I hate all of them with a ******* burning passion!!!!
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

ya no I would swap sisters with you but each day I will regret giving her to you because I will feel sad for making you're life I living hell.that's how mine is but at least when I die I will go to heaven because I just finished going to through hell