If I Never See Her Again It'll Be Too Soon

People say we look like twins. We shared knowing looks, inside jokes and random experiences. She was my best friend and even though her attitude pushed people away, I stuck with her. Yes, we had our fights about make-up, clothes and boys, but that's how sisters are, right?

My sister, can be fun, spontaneous and a ball of energy. This only happens sometimes though. The rest of the time she's this distant, cold fish. She's is self-imortant and never ever wrong. Don't forget manipulative and a downright *****.
For instance don't try and have a decent conversation with her; she won't even be subtle about it, she'll just talk right over you and start talking about herself. She'll even walk away mid-conversation! Don't even try mentioning that it's kind of screwed up behaviour, as she'll be completely oblivious to why it's considered screwed up. She's flawless!

I didn't want to be one of those people who neglects their best friend after getting into relationship. So initially I had no problem letting her into the social circle. We had the fight where I expressed my feelings of doubt over their friendship, but she assured me, tears streaming down her face, that she'd never betray me like that and she was geniunely hurt that I'd even think she'd do such a horrible thing to her own sister.

I loved him with all my heart. He was my everything and then some. He ended it. And I was distraught. We stayed in contact, but her grubby little fingers were itching. SHe couldn't wait to get her filthy paws on him, the little *****.

We went out, all of us as friends and she made damn sure he noticed her and he did. he told me so the very next day, the first day of 2013. I begged her not to return his advances, to reject him, since that's what sisters do. What did she do?

She looked at me with this bored expression, looked back at the tv and said: "no, I'm not choosing sides, besides, if I like him I'm not going to lie to him"

Well, then, my heart got ripped out of my chest, why not stab it too, sis?

She acts like it's the most natural thing in the world and when our mother said "no way in hell is that guy dating you after he hurt your sister" she tried to get attention by sitting on her carpet with a bunch of pills and razors. Oh,yes she was gonna do it this time, she was going to end it all, she just has to let the whole world know first.

Even after that she still can't understand why no one in the family can stand her, why our friends deserted her. I mean, the world owes her something right? She wasn't at fault. Why can't people just understand her? Why can't they just accept it?

My sister is dead to me. I don't have a sister anymore. Never will I forgive her for what she's done.
saki87 saki87
22-25, F
Jan 22, 2013