Dont Like My Sister

Ever since I've been diagnosed with lupus everything has gone to sh*t!
I have to live with my stupid b**chy
She drives me crazy,gets mad just because I have a boyfriend and that I'm apart of his family, which I really don't care cuz Im lucky to have them.
I just wish I could get a job already so I don't have to live here with this sister of mine. Seriously she's a *****!! She has a kid yet she brings all these guys in the place and does them right where her son is sleeping
And she thinks thease guys like her??
No no she's just a piece of *** to them. No one wants to date a ghetto loud person, who curses in every sentence.
And she says I'm going to hell, ha! That's funny to how she has been acting.
I just really want her out of my life cuz she really isn't a nice person.
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Jan 22, 2013