I Hate My Sister

Ever since I was little (around the age of 6) I have never liked my sister. Now that I am older I can honestly say that I hate her. Not jealousy, nor mere dislike, but full blown, punch the wall, anger infused HATE. I am currently 18 and just finishing school while she is an 11 year old sixth grader. Ever day I have to put up with her boasting, arrogance, and snide comments. Everything (and I do mean everything) she does is to either get me pissed off or get me into trouble. I have learned to ignore her and her pitiful attempts at making me angry, but only in front of her. Alone I constantly curse, punch walls or other objects, and just wish for her to be out of my life. I really can't wait to be gone, when I finish high school I won't think twice about leaving, then my parents can deal with her and see how much of a nuisance she is. They never believe me, they always take her side and give her whatever complements or material objects that she throws fits over (she may be 11 but she acts like a ******' 4 year old). Also she completely disregards anything I say and blatantly insults me when my parents aren't around. Not to mention how she manipulates our grandparents to buy her new clothes or makeup, cries to them how "******" her life is, or just plainly treat them like ****!! They are in their 70's and my sister does not understand how frail they can be at times, its always got to be about her. She is a horrible person, arrogant, vain, manipulative, apathetic, disregarding; A COMPLETE *****! I cannot express how deeply I despise her, but god damn I wish she was either dead and buried, or kidnapped and never heard from again. I probably sound like a total ***** but you'd feel the same way if you had to live with this parasite for nearly 12 years ( and believe me, you wouldn't want to).

As a side note, I have bipolar disorder, severe anxiety, aggression,
and personality problems that are just heightened by her constant badgering. Any moment she gets she will call me out on one or more of those problems or make fun of me for them and my parents cease to do anything about it. My self esteem has never been high, so this just heightens my self loathing tendencies. Please, anyone, give me some support?? Or just tell me what to do??
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3 Responses Feb 10, 2013

Hi don't worry I hate my sister too. And Im almost in the same situation as u. Only my grandparents don't really buy stuff for my sister but my mom does she listens to her and buys her everything she's always blaming me instead of my sis. Now she even gets to go to a fancy school for a year and that schools costs as much as my old school the difference is I went to to that school for 8 years and she'll go to that school for a year and it cost the same only one year costs as much as 8 years. I have low self esteem too. But all I will say is be strong and try not to give a damn about her. I know it's difficult.

I know my sister is like that but she is older than I am but every little thing I do she acts like she has to give little comments to everything I do did i ask for her opioin NO!!!!! she acts like she has to and i am like no and if you try to be nice to them they just sit there and make fun of you all the time and I am like i hate you in my mind and i can't wait for you to move out

omg i feel you that totally sucks you know what get a fricking voice recorder and show your parents