Sister Is A Mean And Terrible Person ...

My sister is the oldest of 4 and I am the youngest. Even now in middle age, she still has to be the center of attention and always in control of those around her. Her children are 10+ years older than mine. A couple of years ago when her oldest was 23 and the younger one was 20, I decided it was time to stop giving them birthday and Christmas presents. I would never even get a thank you or even an acknowledgement that they received anything at all, so I decided it was time. My sister decided to "get even" with me for daring to stop gifting her adult children, so she stopped sending to my children who were only 9 and 10. My kids don't need anything from her, but they were hurt and didn't understand. Neither did I, but I did understand that she would be cruel to my children because I wasn't doing what she wanted. Who does this? I gave her kids gifts for 23 and 19 years, but because I stopped she decided to punish my kids to get "even" with me. I have never heard of anyone being so vindictive. We don't live close, but once a year when we visit we don't get invited to their houses to visit, and when another sister invites everyone over they normally don't even come. I am hurt that these relatives could care less about my children. My youngest doesn't even remember her cousins' names because she has only seen them once in the past 6 years or so. I've endured this type of treatment from her and her children my entire life, but it really makes me angry when it effects my kids. I am to the point where I don't even want my other relatives to mention their names.
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