Gone... Done... the End!!

My sister doesn't know how to be a part of the human race.  No seriously she doesn't.  She hurts everyone she ever comes in contact with.  I just got a call and found out that she has hurt my father and brother yet again!  I can't for the life of me understand how kids can be raised by the same parents and all turn out so differently.  I can't even tell you what she has done because it is so bad....  But should you ever run into Debi ... be afraid... be very very afraid!!  thanks I feel better now

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i couldn't agree more with "I can't for the life of me understand how kids can be raised by the same parents and all turn out so differently.". i'm so sorry, i wish we didn't have to cope with this.

My sister is so selfish and self centered. She is so hard to deal with she is in her 40s and never had a serious relationship, just flings with married men and men in commited relationships. She can't even keep a job. Right now she basically has NOTHING going on in her life so my Mom asked her to stay with her while she recovers from surgery and she refused! We both had some very hard times in our childhood so I try to be sympathetic but at 43 she has had plenty of time to work through it and attempt to act like a decent human being. I've had to.

My sister and I are 1 year apart and are polar opposites. I just posted my story under "i have a terrible sister...."

That reminds me of myself. I have turned out differently than my siblings. I have been introduced to the wrong things and turned out completely opposite of my siblings.

hi cupidspet, <br />
if i see your sister Debi, i would slap her good for doing that to your brother and father. but if you see my sister ( i hate sooooooo much), just give a real mean kick to the you know where

She hits the men in your family too. If I see Debi I will run all the way to heaven.