My sister pushes me to the side. We never got along, and I always thought when we were older her anger and resentment towards me would fizzle away. I was wrong. I finally came to a realization she would never like me, and I should stop trying to please her. At this point in my life, I want her out of my life. I really don't care for a relationship like I used to. Really, ever time she visits I notice I'm miserable. My level of happiness always takes a plunge. It hurts. I'll be honest. But I have to, and want to, get her out of my life. It's hard when I still live with my parents and she comes to visit--occasionally--and I have to be around. I just am tired of being talked town to, ridiculed, and ignored. It's very emotionally draining. I wish I had a better sister, even brother, whom I could talk to and spend time with. Unfortunately, my cards weren't dealt that way. I hate my sister.
tropical1234 tropical1234
22-25, F
Aug 18, 2014