Am I the only one that hate my sister. It all started when I got a summer job at a place which is like ten minutes from my home. Anyways she don't work during the summer and ask me to pay her car note which is weekly and car insurance. Now that she is back working she is saying crap behind my back about how I don't do anything! Which is a lie I will do anything for my mom I help her with Bills and she doesn't help with ****! But complain did I mention she is 42 and I'm 24. She even had the nerve to say "what am I gonna do if my mom dies".
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1 Response Aug 23, 2014

I would say that lady sounds a little immature and selfish. The best way to deal with this is to simply refuse to respond. Don't give her the pleasure of watching you try to fight back. Keep your dignity my dear.

If anyone repeats to you something she said. Look them in the eye and politely say "I will not dignify that with an answer" Then walk away. People are going to figure out what is going on. Plus they will respect you more for not getting into it than if you screamed the truth from a mountain.

I am very sorry this is happening to you. I understand how it must make you feel.

Thank You I just don't understand. And she lives with us so it's gets confusing. I have realized that I hate being under the same roof with her. She talks about getting her own house, but will tell others that she hates paying bills!