I wish my sister was dead!!!!
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I wish my sister was dead too =(

I feel ya, I wish it was just me and my brothers, no sister...

sometimes anger takes control of the mind and that could be the reason you are feeling right now. Always remember that she is still your sister and the blood that flows through your veins came from your parents. Learn to deal your problems with her and confront her in that way you'll be able to correct the misunderstandings you have.

ayy, thats not good, if she acutallyed died right now, or if i wished that ill be pretty upset, but listen she can stand up for u man, u two just need to get closer like bro and sis time

that's not nice to say.someday when ur mother and father pass away u will need each other in this crazy world think about it

You have to understand that we are all trying to grow as out selves and learn who we are. Most things we do aren't going to be great decisions but we have to forgive, especially if it's a family member. Try talking to her about it, and having an adult in the room would help too!

You don't understand she acts like a perfect little ******* angel around tjem

Trust me, I do. My brother is the same way. If you try having an adult nearby so that they can still here what's going on, things will get better. It really helps.

Are u kidding that's my brother and sister they get away with everything and I still manage to get in trouble for their ****

We learn the most from those that pi.ss us off the most......
So that you don't be just like her. Then do your best not to be resentful and vengeful.
We all see life very different, so then life is about getting along even if we disagree.
We don't have to get caught up in their drama. That is to stay calm in your center.
Then use this time to build up your self love and self worth. Then no matter what she is doing saying, you are then happy in you.
Quote for you:
Tao Te Ching

Knowing others is intelligence;
Knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
Mastering yourself is true power.

I already have enough on my plate, because of her I have anger issues and am seriously bipolar

Just ignore her drama. Do things that you like to do - just for you. Be your own best friend.

I too struggle with those thing and then some. No one ever said life would be easy, but sometimes you just need to be the bigger person and focus on improving yourself because you really can't improve anyone until you're perfect yourself.

I'm sorry but that just won't work I've tried

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I will admit I hate my sister too

No you don't.! She's famillllllyyy

I don't give a ****! I hate her so much

If you don't mind me asking, what did she do?

She ******* ruins my life!!!!! She try's to get together with my friends and tells the bullshit lies to get them to hate me, she does everything she possibly can to **** me the **** off, she intentionally ruins my most prized possessions!!!!!!! I hate her

Does your friends believe her? If they don't, then they are truly your real friends, about your sister ... When she's about to be on her period, take her pads and throw them in the trash can. If my brother did that to me, I would be pissed

No they don't believe her it's the fact that ***** tried

Oh god . So sorry right now but I'm currently stalking you and let me tell you, the bathroom one is hilarious!

sounds like my sister

What bathroom one?

The one where your friend asked if you had a bathroom,and you replied " no we **** in the corner" something like that.

Oh yeah ha

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