I Still Demand A Dna Test To Prove It.

I know my parents told me never to hate but i can't help it. My "sister" is nothing like me, we are different as night and day. I happen to be a bit on the bigger side and have always done well in my studies, i graduated high school on time and was very mature from a young age. I think the reason my sister hates me is because I have always been better at almost everything than her, in high school ( which she dropped out of), i got stuff first, not surprising given I am the first born child, i can cook, keep friends and jobs, and live a normal life. I suppose it all started when we were young, my parents worked late and i was put in charge of my sister at the age of ten, she was only six and a half. I watched over her, protected her, cooked for her, helped her get up in the morning for the bus. Then puberty hit and she became such a *****! At 12 she began to fail in school and just didn't give a damn about anything, when we were with our grandparents she demanded all sorts of stuff from them while i only tried to enjoy their company, she demanded new clothes, makeup, and the good lord only knows what else. One Christmas she got this beautiful Jean jacket that my mother had searched everywhere for and had paid quite a pretty penny for and she was plenty happy til i opened my gift from my dad and found a small cell phone, it wasn't even really a good one it was a "GO" phone. it was worth like 15 bucks at best. And my sister threw the biggest fit about it, even spite when you looked at all my gifts next to hers she obviously had more!  it didn't stop there, she constantly fits with me over absolutely nothing, I'll just be doing something and she comes by with smart *** comments and whatnot! Then i graduated high school and got a car, at my graduation party she decided to announce in front of my guests that she was no longer a virgin, (at age 16!!!!!!) On my 21st birthday she decided to introduce us to this moron she is currently with, (and don't think me a ***** here but she has had so many boys between the years i have failed trying to keep up or learning names i just sit there till someone says his name.) and states that he has taken her in bed as well and decided that the perfect time to tell us this was right before my parents and i entered a very nice restaurant for my birthday dinner! Those are just a few examples of her crap over the years, she has done far worse but i can't state such things on a Website i believe. I just don't know what to do, my mom is sick of our fighting, though i don't really start anything. But my mom and dad both know she is a moron and a total flake, they gave up years ago i just don't know why they never changed the locks once she left. I can't stand being in the same room with her, she like says like every like other like like like! And she will repeat words without knowing any of their meanings because she thinks it sounds cool!  e. x: omg that girls huge diamond ring is so depressing! ????? WHAT????  I tried talking to my friends but they just don't seem to care cause they now love their siblings, but i can't take it. I hate her, she has never been good to the family and i just don't want her around anywhere. Anyone got anything close to my annoyance? Or any tips about something to do???  

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While you are trying to be nice, your sister is spoiled by everything around her. She has a crappy attitude and most of deserves to get punches in the face about maybe 50 times. How I wish I could do that to my sister. You may not be perfect, but you're hell of a lot better than your ugly bratty sister, and just ignore her. As soon as you move out, you won't have to deal with her and your kids will never meet their childish "Aunty."

omg my older sister is just like ur younger sis... but my sister is good at math and she did graduate college and high school! i have 3 words to every dumb sisters: GO TO HELL!!!!