I Hate My Twin Sister!!!

My twin sister thinks she can boss me around.Like today i wanted to go to the skool library cause its book week,and she said nooo!every other day she wants to go ut when i ask for 1 little thing ...!it wasnt just the book week thing.my boyfriend also went to the library and i NEEDED a little 1 on 1 time with him.but still she wouldent let me. plus she blackmails me.say if i told her to f off she would tell mum.anyway plzplzplzplzplz HELP ME!!!:'(

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I so much hate my sister. She fights with me every time she gets the chance to. We fight about clothes about guys about going out late night about everything. My parents never said anything against it they were always like we dont want to hear about your fights. One night, we were in ghana and went out for clubbing, she got so drunk ahe slapped me in the face. She ruins my life completely. She is just three minutes older but thinks she needs to bossy me. I hate it and since years i wish to never see her again. We once fought about a coat and she was pushing me around and said i couldnt wear that coat because its hers but that day she didnt even want to wear it. She is just like a devil she is the meanest person i've ever met. I hate her and hope to never need tod deal with her again after i moved out.

I'm sooooo tired of being a twin. We mutually hate each other and it is tearing apart my family. We have a year to go before we can go off to college and basically never see each other again, but no one knows how we'll be able to get through this year. Ignore your sister. If you have to you can alienate her from her/your friends by telling them what a jerk she is. Don't be afraid to rely on your family for support.

I'm am 40 years old and was abused by my twin sister until I was 35. After my sister was catastrophically injured in a car accident I took 1 yr off work to care for her, moved in with her and stayed with her for 3 years while her case went to court. When she settled she went to her lawyers office to collect her 1.6 million dollar settlement. I came home from work that day and found movers moving furniture etc out of our shared apartment. I had no clue what was happening, she told me "I hate you. I've always hated you. I've used you your entire life. I will destroy any happiness you ever have in your life." She called my boyfriend right there and told him I had been cheating on him our entire wonderful 2 year relationship. She called my boss and tried to get me fired from the job I had worked at for the last 15 years. She then said she was going to sue me civilly for abuse. And she tried....She left that day, I was devastated, shocked, confused to say the least. I started receiving mail of hers and yes, I opened the one that had her ins. info in it. I couldn't believe what I read. She had been telling our doctor, her lawyer, the insurance company and her psychologist that I had been beating her, not feeding her, not cleaning her, neglecting her and stealing her money. The tragic part of it is when I read it I realized it was me who had been emotionally and physically abused by my sister my entire life. She beat me, punched me, constantly slammed ob<x>jects over my head, told me I was a "waste of life", fat, ugly, stupid, needy, dependant. After 5 years of therapy you know what I realized? I am wonderful and she was a monster and I am free now. I lost weight and got into great shape, I went back to college and ironically took insurance fraud...which she did commit.She's tried to contact me. She wanted me to call the wife of an ex-boyfriend of hers and tell the wife that she did not have an affair with her husband and did not get pregnant and did not have an abortion.....crazy? Funny thing is, she has been guilty of this already with another married man.Now I don't acknowledge her when I see her and I am in control. She sends naked pictures of herself to me and my boyfriend...she's on her 3rd boobjob. Guess she wants to share.Long story short, free yourself as soon as you can. I think being a twin is like being born with an obligation. This person was my sister, not my responsibility to care for. Parents need to be more observant of these possible toxic relationships between twin siblings. I thought I could not live without my twin, now I know, I will never be able to live with her....and I am so happy!!!<br />
I finally have beautiful friends, who love and support me. I am getting honours in my college program. I'm happier than I thought possible. And my relationship with my boyfriend (we've been together for 8 years now) is like a dream. I hope everyone in a situation like this is able to finally free themselves. I never would have learned of my potential with her in my life. I believed her for so long, and now I don't. :)

Hi. I have almost the same problems, well with my twin anyways. NOBODY likes her at school, not even the teachers because what she does. I hate her and so does my brother. She manipulative, rude, a b***, spits on my bed and in my room, hits me, trashes my room, if I ask her not to do something like example, I ask her not to chew with her mouth open she'll chew loudly in my face and spit. She was in my room today being a ***** and I asked her to eat out and she starts throwing my things around and I try to push her out and she pushes against my and puts spot on my door. She makes up VERY RUDE AND UN TRUE LIES TO MY PARENTS, like "she tells everyone at school not to talk to me and how I do this and I do that and puts me down! *fake crying*" when I do NONE of that. SHE DOES. She'll make up stuff about me talk about me and everything and when I tell mum and dad they'll say "who cares get over it" but because my twin has sucked them in with all the lies, they'll believe her and I'll get into A LOT of trouble. My friends back away from we because she can have anger stacks in them. It EFFECTS ME most times. If she wants an answer for something SHE WON'T STOP UNTIL SHE GETS IT. Most times at 2 am or some ridiculous time like that when I'm asleep she yell my name numerous times until I wake up and ask me a stupid question like "what's the time". Because she cries to mum and da she gets EVERYTHING she wants. When she's angry at you she's punch you as HARD as she can. She eats like a mammoth as well! Yesterday's she had 5 ice creams and more. And our family is good with our food, my brother is an AMAZING swimmer and everything! But she is getting big. If there are 4 ice creams one for me, my brother, her and my mum, she'll eat three so I dot get one and be like OOPS. She smirks hauntingly and NEVER apologises. Me and my brother have a great relationship and he's older than me by a couple years. But what I'm trying to say is just stick through it. Talk to your parents, a councillor and maybe her. If she doesn't listen, talk to the others. Maybe even your friends. You won't have to deal with her in the future if things haven't changed. You can't let her ruin your life and take control of you ! I'm motivating myself with these words as well, don't you worry. It'll all be ok. :)

my twin lets me boss her around and it drives me crazy... its like she can't make a choice of her own. Sometimes I present her with options but at the end I'm the one making the decisions for her. I drive her everywhere because she doesn't want to drive. I'm in charge of everything and for once I would like to share the load or at least just carry my own and her her own. And when I leave to hang out with someone else and not take her along she doses me with guilt which seems will never end. In fact I feel like she blames me for a lot of her childhood anguish. She tells me she feels like I don't want to be her twin and that she doesn't care anymore so I let things be. Then she tells me how important it is for her to be a twin so I try harder to be more twin-like or at least spend more time together only to be told that I ruined it for her and she makes me feel guilty and she pushes me away. Sometimes I just want to get away from her for a year or so but I know everyone would just accuse me of abandoning her because I'm the one to blame. Always me. Because she's the weaker one and I'm the one who is supposed to be there for her, always. She says I'm the dominant one and I'm beginning to think its by default. I just want her to take charge of herself and not let me be the one telling her what to do or wait for me to do things for her. We are not the same person. I'm an individual and she's another. I just want everyone to get that, her included.

my twin is an idiot! I spent an hour in the car listening to why she couldn't have the chips! i mean, she threw it at our mom! what does she expect??!!

My twin sister gets angry to me everyday.. I was born to be her slave..

My twin sister gets angry to me everyday.. I was born to be her slave..

yeah my twin bosses me around then says im acting too cool for school when i stand up to her!!! >:(

ypu cant let anyone control your life, even if your twins, it doesnt matter, stand up to your twin but do it in a respectful way, you twin is prolly jelous of you!

i hear ya.im 10, and I know how it feels.my twin rules my life!