My Sister Sucks!!

Makes me sound stupid and slightly immature but I don't care. My sister and I where sitting in the living room this aternoon watching tv. We've seen previews for a new eposide of my fav show was coming on. It was coming on, the opening credits where rolling, I pulled out my laptop out to look at something or whatever, when she turned the tv. Not a big deal, I went to wrestle for the remote like we normaly do, when she kicked me in my knee and almost made me fall. I've sprained my knee 3 times last year, and dislocated the knee cap last month, but she tried to knock my knee out from under me!! I'm just in shock that she'd go there just becuase we had an arguement! She so stupid and imature!! Grr.

Kriswish2000 Kriswish2000
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 5, 2010

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Good Luck