I Hate My Sister Too..

I am a 25 year old girl and I have a 17 year old sister who I feel only comtempt for.

Our background is complicated, as my sister is the result of an affair my mother had with her sister's husband. I did not know about this until i was around 16, though there was a lot of resentment and problems with my mother and father and and underlying bad atmosphere regarding my sister.

Bizarrely,  we are super close until 2 years ago. Because my family is broken anyway, I have never had this sense that "blood is thicker than water" which is common is many people. She was a sweet girl and we spent a lot of time together. I was I suppose a goodie goodie, I was clever at school, uninterested in boys and pretty much an outsider. As it went I then attached myself to my sis possibly because I had no mates in school.

My sis is not clever but I thought she had her head screwed on. We were a team I guess and I thought we would have many more good experiences to come. Sadly just after turning 16 she was picked up in the street with a school friend by a bunch of illegal immigrants. she started having sex with them, associating with drug users and getting pissed. The person I thought I knew all those years disappeared- literally overnight. I was incredibly disappointed in her, and stopped having anything to do with her. I just felt like everything I believed her to be was a lie and she had acted to me all those years to strike an approval from at least one family member. I felt sick when i was in the room with her. We did not speak again until I found out that the school friend of my sister had reported the albanians to immigrations and they were deported. a week later we found out the inevitable-  my sister was pregnant. I talked to her a little at this point, I felt, if I could win her back from those bad people maybe somewhere she was still there. even with a baby on tow maybe we could be close again. I went to her 3 month scan. at this point the father of the baby was harassing my sister to come to greece (where he was given permission to stay as his mother had residency there) My sister assured me that she did not want to go and we thought things could mend. The one day I returned from work to find my sister gone. she had told my mum she was going to a school friend's house for a few days. A day later to called my mother and told her she was in greece. This was a year ago and I have not seen or spoken to her since. She will turn 18 in april and i know because of correspondance between her and my mother than she will marry that vile man. Hes even pressurising her to have more children already.

I will never get over my sister lying to me like that. Its realistic to say that we are through. I wish her no malice but I want nothing to do with her. How she could lie to her family and choose him over us I will never understand.  When I think of her  I just feel anger, betrayl and hatred. One day I hope my feelings regarding her will be numbness and not like this anymore. Its all part of the grieving experience I guess. she was to me by closest friend, but it has dawned on me now that I was simply the provider of free train tickets, days out and an alley when my father and brother treated her like crap. My sister just treated me like all the kids at school did and I could not deal with that. I suppose i have a lot of issues I have no relationship with my father who was an abusive bully,and I was severely bullied at school. I guess that this kicking from my sister is just a reinforcement of all the things from the past. I hope i will move on from this experience soon.

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Good Luck