I Cant Stand Her!!!! >:(

I hate her with such a great passion!!!!! she has ruined my life, and she does things to me that are soo irritating. First of she's one of thoose people who acts like she's pretty when insulting you, and she also acts like she's so confident and sure of herself in debates WHEN SHE'S COMPLEATLY WRONG. Even if we're debating about one of my intrest she knows nothing about she still acts like she's right!!!!!

secoundly i told her a secret when i was 5 and she's been black mailing me ever since, 13 know!!!!!


The way she ruined my life was by making me hold her feet for long periods of time throughout my child hood. and that eventually gave me scoliosis and i had to get surgery for that and basicly how they fix it is nailing a rod to your back. I was a gymnast, fighter, and contortionist before my surgery it was my life. I use to be as flexible as a piece of string and now im as flexible as a ******* stick!!!!!!!



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Good Luck

@blackeyedanne she would perposly put force on her feet so i would have a hard time holding them, also she made me hold them high for 1 to 3 hours

You held her feet? Are you sure she caused your scoliosis? Maybe it was because of other reasons. Anyway, if she has been blackmailing you since you were 5, then you should just give it up. Tell you parents the truth, and whatever you did, you were young and stupid. I hate it when my sister knows she is wrong, but won't admit to it. When she figures out she is wrong, every answer to every sentence I say to her is, "OBVIOUSLY," or "EXACTLY. YOU'RE SO STUPID." I have honestly thought her murder through before.