I Hate Me Sisters Boyfriend!

So my sister has been dating this guy on and off for about 6 years. He has cheated on her multiple times, yet she still runs back to him. He doesn't have a job, stays up all night, sleeps all day, NEVER showers, plays video games 24/7, has a 1 year old daughter and doesn't take care of her worth sh*t. Hes into his video games more than his daughter. He sickens me. This "man" is almost 24 and is a low life loser, an immature piece of sh*t. Worthless is how you would describe him. He uses my sister and my parents for their money. Has been for 6 years now. He is also a greedy mother f*cker when it comes time to "his" things. I have hated his guts ever since she first was with him. I've never met anyone so under educated and stupid. He can't read, or spell. Full on retard. GOD i hate him. I get into fights with him a lot, but its funny because hes WAY to stupid to defend himself.
CrazyRasins CrazyRasins
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012