Can't Stand My Sisters Arrogant Boyfriend!

Been dating for a year, no men in our house so he really thinks he's something at my mom's whereas at my dad's, his head couldn't be further up his ***. My mum isn't one to cause a scene or create an atmosphere so he tells my nan (on more than one occasion) that hes the man of the house and has my mom wrapped around his little finger, which is horseshit. One evening, around midnight, im trying to sleep and they're next door arguing or whatever and my sister is crying. I text her to be quiet etc and i get told to '**** off', a few minutes later i am forced to shout through to shut up. Next i get, from him 'why don't you ******* shut up' - are you talking to me?! I appreciate that he's my sisters boyfriend but i find him unbelievably arrogant and he has to be the loudest in the room. He eats everything in sight and has no money, he works but overspends. My sister can do so much better than this fool but sticks up for him whenever i say anything. Its got to the point now where i dont speak to him, i dont look at him; i think my sister has figured out how i feel. None of our other family members are fans but i feel he targets me as he gets a reaction, so he will flop on the sofa and burp really loud and eat all the food or whistle loudly while im doing coursework - its all a front, 'you don't scare me'. I physically can't stand the sight of it but how to make my sister see that hes just a bum, who needs looking after like an incapable child remains to be seen. Advice?
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

I'm in the same boat as of right now. I'm not sure what your situation is or how your parents or mom is handling it. If you are close with your sister, I would let her know how you feel. Honestly, she probably has "figured" it out but I think it would mean more for her to hear it from you in a calm tone though. Let her know that she deserves better than him etc. In time i think she will come around, but again idk what the WHOLE story is! Hope that helped and best of luck!! Hope everything works out for you AND me! lol :))