It is now official small dicks are not enough to a woman. I dated a girl she was really nice. She liked me also and we were planning on moving together. Well one day we realized that we actually had not had sex at all. And laughed about it. I sensed that she was the kind of girl that did not sleep around and wanted to get to know the person before.

Well some time passed and we ended up in bed. She did not even think it twice when I got my pants off. She stood up horrid look on her face and just left.
xyzlow xyzlow
26-30, M
1 Response Jul 16, 2010

That, is brutal. I understand some guys enjoy humiliation related to their penis, but this sounds like a painful experience anyway. It's sad, but there are surely better prospects for you than someone who gets to know and like you, and then splits the first time she sees your ****. No matter what you're into, I hope you find someone who will at least stick around after the show, and appreciate you for more than one part of your body.