Having A Small Penis Is A True Burden.

As the title suggest, having a small penis is a true burden. I have a three inch penis, and so far it's been holding me back in life. The constant paranoia of someone finding out has lead me to destroy possible romances, labeled me gay, and has limited how I dress and behave. Back when I was in school, I would never go to the changing room, shower with people, and kept from doing anything that might expose me. I have looked for ways to accept and be more confident about it around our female counter parts, which has done the opposite. I do need need or want sex, however it seems like most of society does. Girls seem to break up with a guy or cheat on them when he does not have a large penis.

Anyways, I honestly hate my ****. It's held me back and caused me great grief. Most people do not understand what it's like to have a small ****. It's a very frustrating, depressing, and antagonizing thing, which no girl will react in a happy way to see. They either mock, or try to figure out ways around this obstacle. Our fellow males seem to be about as sympathetic. A girl I know flat out ridiculed a friend of mine for having a five inch penis, and during that instance, needless to say, I was very uncomfortable.

All I can continue to do is just be a nice guy and a gentleman. I can not do a damn thing about this little issue I have, and this same issue will condemn me. What can I say? I don't want to meet a wonderful girl and then she wants sex and leaves me over something like this, or cheats on me with the nearest guy. Any advice or feedback to give would be nice. This has been my experience, I just hope it's not been as bad, or worse, for others.
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You need to find a woman who feels for you, not for your penis. This will be a morally upstanding person who may or may not have a past history with men. Have you considered going to church? There, you will find women who are interested in your person as a whole. If she is a true friend and things get more serious, you can discuss your feelings about the matter with her before getting really intimate. But other than that, do not be insecure! Women usually want a man that can take care of them. Go slowly. Don't allow your spirit to be wounded (which will happen if you get intimate too soon and she rejects you). It's going to take time, patience and the help of the universe (I say universe because some ppl have a problem with the word 'God'). You may have to try a few times before you find the right lady, but believe me, she is out there. Please don't give up. It is also true that you need to take care of yourself, keep yourself attractive and have some financial stability. You need to be secure in yourself as a person-please work on this. Be loving, kind, generous, and attentive to her needs (but make sure she is this type of person also). The type of woman you need will be spiritually oriented and probably want to have a family. If you love God, she will find that most attractive. It's true. And if you love God and are a morally upstanding person, she will love you. First and foremost, make sure there is a spiritual attraction between the two of you.

You NEED to get yourself to a psychiatrist pronto! If you're not one to talk about it screw the couch and go straight to a sex therapist...**** your way to confidence. DO NOT let this go on any longer, the longer you harp on this the deeper into your head this will seep and the harder it will be to fix. DO IT NOW or 15 years from now you will find yourself sitting at the end of your bed for two hours with a Glock in your hands searching for reasons NOT to pull the trigger...or marking out trees along the highway you could slam your car into that would absolutely do the job right. <br />
I waited too long, I can't even get a hard on any more....don't make the same mistake I did.<br />