Toddler's Dicked

as far as I do remember ( at least 75 years ago, ) I liked to play with my small penis.
AsI cn remember, the first time I did explore the lenght and width of my stiff small cocklet was when I was 6 with mother's double meter and I found a 6 cm erect one and also rather thin.
Since i had been circumcised one year before, because to tight foreskin and unability to discover and recover the glans (phimosis) I enjoyed the new way to **********.
Before circumcision, because the narrowed foreskin, I used to just press my penis on the floor till "good feelings" did come. but after healing pf wounds after circumcision, I felt very better when touched the frenulum the surgeon had kept and reattached unde my glans.
At the time I have had a new neighbour friend of my age and also a circumcised boy and we bevan to hide for play together with pour small but full hard stiff small things.
I also hada neighbour's young girl who was 5 years older and liked to touch and manipulate my penis, wondering to see how the small penis was growing and hardening between her fingers.
But she laso had other young male fellows who had bigger penises and she wused to mock me for having such a small and thin one !
she used to show her slit to me, discarding the labias and showing to me how she rubbed her clitty, but never permitted to me to touch her between the labias !
After puiberty (12 years old, not very early then) my penis gew a bit only, reaching a barely 4 inches lenght when stiff. I used to play with it each day and frequently many tilmes a day. I had "dry" ******* since prepuberal and having not ***** yet, but i was feeling my prnis throbbing rythmically like heart pulsations so began to be praecocious ***********. Since was not easy to have girlish fellows, although never true gay, i also likedhave sex plays with male fellows and, even married and very sexually happy with wife I never stopped to ********** together with other males, but never sodomy or oral sex, just mutual ************.
yvettedolhen yvettedolhen
70+, F
Aug 30, 2013