Lost All Self Respect, i no Longer Live...i Just Exist


i always knew i had a small member, but when i grew up and it didn't, i lost the little confidence i did have. ppl started calling me a "******" cause i was't a womanizer like my dad, brothers, and my friends. not  to metion i had no skills with the ladies cause of burns i suffered burns to my face and arms. adding injury to injury..the insults came much later.  ande I had some experiances that told me how small i was not jus my **** but my body size as well. i found when i went to put my penis in her and she asked if it was in yet and sad to say it was. this experiance made me so fearfull togo out with anybody that had more than one or two boyfriends before me so that she wouldn't have too many to compare me by. back then i could say "oh i am a late bloomer or something to that extent. it should have been a sign when most of the ladies that i did have relations with tasked me never to tell anyone i did it with them .should have been a sign. but as i got older those women who havent had more than a couple of parteners my age goes down and now at rns to mmy age there are none. i was told i had the body of a 8 yr old when i was 24yrs old by some women my age . something every guy likes to hear...if  you coldnt tell i was be sarcastic .  5 yrs. ago was the last time i tried to have a relationship, to my dismay she was ******* my so called friends. 3 yrs since any human contact. im just glad to get that offmy chest. sorry to ramble on.

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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

I'm sorry you've had to go through this - people can be really, really cruel. The truth is a good man is far harder to find than a big penis, and I wish more people could appreciate that. I understand it's discouraging, especially with your experiences, but don't give up! Someone out there will be very happy with what you've got to offer, or they aren't worth your time if you ask me.