I Hate My Sp Too!

Coming out of puberty and realising you haven't really grown is not a nice feeling. Especially if you do sports and have a lot of shower time. I was like this and always felt self concious about my size to the point were I'd try and hang back as long as I could so I'd be last in the showers.

I always thought when I was erect my size was ok, but my small flaccid size is something that I'm still not comfortable with even approaching my forties. I'm still conscious of it when I go the toilet, get undressd in front of my wife and even down on the beach when I've been swimming and my shorts are wet. (I'll never wear speedos because of my package!!)

I read peoples comments about "size doesn't matter" and it's not an issue but these are all from people who either don't have a penis! or are well endowed. I think generally if you have a small penis then you want to make it bigger and just be average.

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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

You have a wife. How does she feel about it?