My Brother Broke My Teeth At 7 And My Life Has Been Ruined.

My parents would never take me to the doctor or dentist. I caught every disease you can imagine. I lost my front teeth when my brother tried to drown me in the lake in the yard after a heavy rain. I got away from him but he pushed me down on the cement and I lost my front teeth. Before that he tried to drag me back to the water to drown me again. My parents were alcoholics and never gave a good god damn about anything. My teeth died and became infected but I couldn't do anything about it until high school when I was working and could pay for the dentist myself. I was constantly teased and tortured by the other kids. In America, it is a crime to be poor. I started pulling my hair out because of the stress. My life was awful and continues to be the same. You kind of get stuck in rut forever. I paid for temps, caps, crowns but each and every time they break or fall out, The torture has continued today. I am a loser. My teeth are crappy. I still pull my hair out and I have no career or family. Life has been hard on me. Don't tell me to buck up or have confidence. I went to college 3 times finished 5 degrees and had a couple of careers but I get treated badly and the stress is incredible. Once people start picking on you at work, it just goes downhill. I now deliver pizza and am miserable. I am 46 and just at the end of my rope.
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

Jeffrey I wish you knew my friend. I wish she was on here I am here to try to find her after a couple years of losing touch . Icant say it the way she can but I dont want to see you all discourged like this<br />
If she were here she tell you just the right things to make you feel so good and right about yourself. I wanted to be that kind of person but she made me a better person. I want you to know jeffrey that people dont always judge you and because you feel bad about your teeth and your life doesnt mean people automaticaly see that when they see you. If you tried to smile sometime you just might see what a smile can do. It boosts so much. I am not preaching but i do believe in the power of a smile and if you dont have teeth who care? I love to see someone smile and be happy no matter . I wish for you happiness and a way to fi x your teeth but i think first you are going to have to fix your heart and soul