Hate My Teeth

I just can't seem to convince myself to like my smile. No one has outright said that THEY don't like it, but the compliments about it are far and few between. I had braces, so my teeth are straight...but they're also very, well, farmer-ish. They're sortof rounded and have strange ridged edges - everyone on my mother's side has the same type. They're also sortof yellow, and I don't smoke or drink a lot of coffee which makes it all the more unfair. Whitening products don't do much good, and I can't afford veneers. In the meantime, I'm stuck hating smiles (and laughing and talking) that reveals my teeth.

It all seems really selfish and superficial, but one of the first things you look at in a person is their smile...and I hate using mine. It's rough.

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Gypsy -- I won't tell you not to smile if you don't want to. Smile or don't smile as you like; it's your concern. I will tell you this -- whether you believe it or not, there are some men who are strongly attracted to the kind of smile you describe. I know this from experience. As for not being complimented on your smile, most people probably just get two or three compliments on their smiles in their lifetimes. Just a few thoughts on the matter ... I wish you good luck and hope that you feel better in the future.

whao. how right you are fortunabee! no one is ever happy . if we fat we wanna be thin if we thin we say we too skinny if we have wavy hair we wanna straighten it if we have straight hair we curl it if we white we put loads of suntan on if we black or dark we try whitewahshing if we tall we schrucnh down if we short we put on way too high heels and I can on<br />
<br />
So Im sayin go with who you are and smile and be happy. Member the song?<br />
BE E EE E E happy.

I feel for you all. Interviews are the worst when you hate your smile. Unfortunately, there are people who do judge you if you have a bad smile and people also judge you if you don't smile at all. I hate my teeth, so I don't smile. People think I'm unfriendly because of it. At times like these though, you just have to count your blessings. Things could be worse. Also, try to look at other things about yourself that's considered beautiful. Do you have nice eyes? Do you make people laugh? Do your get a lot of hugs? Do you love to help people? There's beauty in everyone. I do know someone with perfect teeth. I always wished I had teeth like hers....but, she couldn't stand herself because she had thinning hair and was overweight. Look around, no one's perfect.

you're right...it is the first thing most look for in a person ...if they smile ...i hate my smile too....i've always have and probably always will...my teeth are crooked and they don't even touch in the front...i'm not comfortable at all smiling...and when i do...i am so self conscious of it...and i try to stop and or look away...i wish i would have gotten braces when i was younger...i'm 33 and don't have the money or insurance...which doesn't cover it...but..i feel your pain....and feel symapthy and empathy for you...hope you are doing ok...i'm here if you want to message me...i'm a good guy...with a big heart...have a good day

Don't feel so bad about it! I feel exactly the same about my smile n my family n friends hate it when i cover mine with hand book etc as they like to see it as they think it makes my face lighten up! <br />
But just don't worry about it just be brave n you will totally forget about it n enjoy yourself!<br />

But a person's smile is the best part about them! Don't be ashamed to use yours, no matter how bad you think it is, I bet whoever you are smiling at appreciates it.