Hate My Teeth

My teeth are crooked n full of fillings!

I have inherited bad teeth from my mum and my dad so i was pretty messed up before my teeth even started growing!!

I used to have a brace as i had a tooth which had grown too far back in my mouth and needed to be brought forward and my 2 front teeth overlapped!! I had a fixed brace for 2 yearsish and when it came off i had perfectly straight teeth which i loved but having the brace on them made my teeth weak and started to fall apart hence the fact every tooth seems to have a filling or 2!!!

I hated the fillings i was needing esp as hey didn't match the colour of my teeth and was obvs when i smiled!! Oh yeah I'm also scared of the dentists so it nearly killed me every time i was there!!

But then my wisdom teeth started to grow but they didn't grow in full they were all broken as they were coming through my gums! Which was so painful as they came through they were ripping my gums apart! 2 were growing backwards into my jaw and 2 top teeth were pushing my whole teeth together!!

So guess what Ive had 3 wisdom teeth taken out n now my teeth are the same as before the brace as the wisdom teeth pushed them back that way n now my teeth are to weak to have another one n still every time i turn up at the dentist i need more fillings!!!

sazead sazead
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 18, 2007

I hate my smile too. My teeth were always crooked and weak. I recently got veneers but I don't think they're that great. I also think I have a nutritional deficiency that makes my gums sensitive and bleed when I brush. I think I also inherited my smile from my dad. I am very envious of guys and girls with very strong healthy teeth and gums. Oh well what can you do? I am also terrified of the dentist. the last time I went he put me under an anastetic and I woke up screaming. He had burned my face with one of his instruments. I need to go back and finish the work that I paid for, but I am really terrified :(