Long Sad Story

Married 28 years.  I'm her 3rd husband.  She came with 2 kids and we had 2.  Oldest is 40 and the youngest 26.  All grown and gone.  My pension is enough for one person and she refuses to work so I'm starting a second career.  I cook, or I don't eat.  I do the grocery shopping so we don't get a bunch of stuff that will get thrown out and she said she can't shop within the budget I set.  Funny..... I can.  She is an alcoholic and her first love is the TV.  I spend most of my time home avoiding her, so why don't I leave?  I could deep 6 her if I wanted to.  Enough people know what a loser seh is, even her girlfriends and I just can't do that, nor do I want to lose the house and divide the kids affections.  I haev spent years trying to get them to like her.

I was just kidding with a friend that I should start a bolg by this name.  I typed it in and you are already here.  I thought that was funny.

I'm not looking for advice.  27 years of advice I have heard it all and trued everything.  Just wanted to vent and to let you know you are not alone.
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So Sad - I fully understand your struggle. I have been with my husband (#2) for 10 yrs, and he too is an alcoholic (recovering - 18 months sobriety). Not sure why we hang on. Good luck - may you find happiness and freedom some day.