I Hate My Weekends

You are suppose to love the weekend, right? No work. Relaxing. A couple of days home with the family. But for me, that is not the case. I dread the coming of weekends. It starts on Thursday nights when my spouse stays up late because she doesn't have to work on Fridays. Then she expects me to stay up with her to talk. Blah blah blah about her stupid work and everything that annoys her.

We have a one year old son and since I work from home, I'm his primary care giver which I love! But since we've had him, my relationship with my wife has gone to south. I mean, we've had our ups and downs before but it has gotten worse over the last year. I feel like she doesn't appreciate me and the things I do around the house or for our son. I feel like she stopped liking me and doesn't even bother pleasuring me when we have sex, she only pleasures herself and then goes to sleep. We barely have sex anymore and I feel like I'm not attracted to her mainly because of her bad attitude.

She has food issues so we don't go out to dinner and barely do date night anymore. She gets upset over the things I eat because she turned vegetarian a year ago and I still eat meat. She criticizes my food and always comments on my health even though I am not overweight or unhealthy. If I don't eat what she wants to eat or if she makes dinner and I add cheese or chicken with it, she gets real upset and tells me I'm insulting her.

She's always getting mad at me because I don't do what she says and do things exactly the way she wants it done. She's always nit picking at me and is super critical of others. She makes snide comments about people we know like friends and my family. The she defends what she says by saying, "Well its true." She won't allow my sister (who has 3 children of her own) to baby sit our son because she doesn't like my sister's husband because he smokes and spanks his kids, though my sister does not smoke or spank. But her crazy mother who always forgets things like leaving the stove on and burning food, leaving the iron on and unattended, and locking herself out of her house or car at least once a week is allowed to babysit. Go figure.

I hate my weekends because my spouse is home and I feel like all she does is harass me. I can't relax or have fun. I can't play video games, watch baseball, eat chips, or do things that I enjoy if only for a few minutes. According to her I'm suppose to wait on her and do whatever she wants. I can't stand her anymore. I simply want to call it off and say we need to live separate lives. I can't stand her and she obviously can't stand me. I feel bad for our son if we do split up but I don't want him growing up in home where his parents don't even like each other. This sucks!
Oct 9, 2011