We Share A Life, But In Two Separate Worlds.

My other half has been driving me nuts for a long while now.

I was injured at work in February 2010, by April 2010 it was so bad that I was put off work, since then I have lived daily with severe sometimes crippling back pain. I am now constantly stuck at home, trying to clean and keep the house organized, and care for our three year old.

Since my injury I have gotten depressed because I am not meant to be a home body. I've actually tried to kill myself several times, and have been hospitalized for it. In the last 7+ months I have improved a little, however my other half has started to stand in my way instead of urging me along.

She is constantly setting me up for failure, and seems to think it is my fault I'm failing. My jobs in the house are as follows,
cleaning the bathrooms,
living room,
folding laundry,
helping wash and dry clothes,
taking care of our three year old,
unloading/loading the dishwasher,
Cleaning our room,
And cleaning litter boxes.

My seven year old helps with some of these chores, but my spouse with her constant feeling of being tired, or her chronic migraines which none of her doctors understand, prevents her from doing much around the house. Currently she works part time at McDonalds, but even before she was working there, she didn't help much.

She constantly makes promises and plans, but never follows through, we have bags of donation items that were supposed to be donated four months ago, they are still sitting on our seven year olds dresser.

She promised several times that as long as I folded the laundry she'd put it away, we have a 3 1/2' tall by 5' wide pile of folded laundry sitting at the foot of our bed. If that isn't bad enough when she does a load of laundry, instead of her putting it in a basket, she throws it on the couch, where her dog lays on it so it has to be rewashed.

She makes grand plans for the family, then spends any money we saved so we can't do what she planned, but then gets snippy with me because we are broke. My workers comp and social security pays the bills, but I get the attitude when she spends it.

I just can't stand it, and I know this is kind of a rant, but when it comes to this topic my mind doesn't always put things together well because of the frustration.
Bigboper123 Bigboper123
Dec 3, 2012