My Daily Hell

I must say... I didnt  think I would ever find a site like this.


My wife is the saddest, meanest woman on the planet... a Classic Bipolar case if there ever was one. I am truly afraid of her... just like I was afraid of my father. She is constantly in "victim" mode, I cannot do or say anything right... ever.

If I have a problem, she turns into her problem.. I truly believe if talking about something INANE like say the JFK assasination, she would say "sure, he got his brains blown out... but listen to MY problems!!"  Get the picture??

Her daughters take advantage of her, and will not listen to her.. they are teenagers, and I bet.. and tell her this, that they will end up pregnant by the time they are 17. Their father is a lazy SOB that basically lets them do whatever the hell they want. I am their step father..When she le

aves the house during the day, I pray to GOD she doesnt come back... I look forward to working especially on her days off, so I can have some peace and quiet.I was on nothing stronger than a vitamin before I met her.. now I am o

n anxiety medication. Why dont I leave her??..  easier said than done since it is financially impossible for me to do so at this time.



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Me too. I hate everything about my husband and then some. He is lazy, thinks he's entitled, the worst father on the planet, sneaky, lies, steals and probably cheats with a man or woman for all I know - and it's only been 6 years. He's a presc<x>ription drug addict. Too bad he didn't get addicted to some kind of pill that would make him bathe, clean up his house and yard, go back to work, take care of his kids and stop being a complete *******. Hiddenacre - I hear ya, don't have a solution for you, just know that there are other idiots out there like us that got snared by low life ignorant SOBs that don't care about anyone but themselves. Don't leave your home.

Im in the samr boat only im the wife i can relate to all these stories on here one way or the other i think i may be married to satan

I can relate to that. I cannot stand my wife of 34 years. I do not for the life of me know how we ended up together. I keep telling myself that something must be right to be together this long. We haven't slept together in over 25 years. I cannot eat at the table with her because she puts so much in her mouth at one time. It's like watching a snake try to swallow a rat or something. If we go out to eat people point at her and it embrasses me. We do not share "one" hobby or interest. We have one son who always wanted me to stay (cause he didn't want to have to be responsible for his mother). There is no love in my house but like so many others I have put everything I have into our home and property. We hate each other so that we never have any company because no one can stand to be around us. This woman has never been a home maker / house keeper, never fixes herself up. High ***** drag to her is a little red lipstick on grocery day. Couldn't make a decision to move her *** if a snake was about to strike. Never closes a door back, turns a light off or puts 'anything" back where it came from. Her answer, well I was about too. My only peace is when she isn't at home or I am away. It's all about her and her problems. It doesn't matter that I've put all I have into this place. I completely remodeled her kitchen and put in new counter tops and all stanless appliances. She has never cleaned them the first time. i do it. If I clean the counters off it's like she gets crazy until she can cover them up with some ****. We have the only 34 year old "new" vaccum cleaner out there. The only time she will do something in the house is when I raise total Hell. She has turned me into someone that I don't like and I hate myself for staying with her but now it takes both our incomes to live so I'm trapped. I don't know, I guess I just wanted to vent because I hate my life so much. When you put your all into a place for the family and no one else appreciates it, it just takes all the life out of you. We haven't slept in the same bed in over 10 years and I'm not complaining. I don't want this woman to bump into me much less consider sex. Is there anyone else out there this screwed up. I always said I would never end up like my parents but other than us not hitting one another we are just like them. It is truly a poor life when you share nothing with another other than dislike for one another. Oh well, I've said enough and I know there really isn't an answer for me. I'm just screwed until God calls me home one day.