You Are Not My Father .

I found out when I was 11 that the man I thought was my father was my stepfather. I never called him dad one time after I found out , not slipped once .He was an abusive ********* criminal cheating wife beating criminal. He had many children and never took care of any . He abused me and killed my innocence . I married a man just like him in almost every way . Why ? Because its the only make role model I had . He is dead now and I hate his guts and if there is a hell I hope he is visited every day by a sharpened steel pole that visits his every opening daily and is shoved in and out of him .
That felt really good to write . I guess getting it out is a good thing !
LillyLady LillyLady
46-50, F
1 Response Jan 5, 2013

let go of the past in oder to live in the present