I Wish He Would Just Go Away

My step dad drinks once ad awhile you may think that is not bad at all but when he drinks he comes home and yells at my mom, my mom has been so good to him she takes care of his ill father who needs to be checked on daily and takes him to med appointments. But my step dad is to selfish to care about anyone else, the most recent time he went out he came home at 4am and had **** his pants my mom had to clean him up then he threatened to hit her and when he told him to go downstairs and sleep on the couch he threatened to get a knife and I was awake for all of this I just can't take this anymore. My mom had diabetes and they are suppose to relax often and can't get worked up. She also is on blood pressure meds I swear he is just slowly killing her with all his bullshit but my mom says that next time he even asks to go out drinking he is going to have to leave. I wish he would just go away he is a discussing lady bastard anyway and I just want him to leave my family alone. He has anger and drinking problems and I a fed up with having to deal with it. They have been married for four years but have been together for 9 years. I am annoyed with my mom for even marrying this fool all he has done is brought trouble . This started when they meet he was a big drinker I just hate thinking of all of the years that my mom and I have cried over the dumb stuff he does, he is heartless and worries about no one but himself. If he wasn't in my life or my moms life would be a lot better he makes me angry and depressed. I am a teenage girl or gods sake I have enough going on right now!
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

I'm kinda going through the same you went through. I'm sorry this happened.