Evil Stepdad

im am 18 year old girl living in england.
i have this stepdad who is so nasty with me it making me fell depressed.
he used ot be nice and buy me things and act all nice in front of my mum,
we argue quite alot, but when we argue infront of mum my she takes his side over mine ALL THE TIME and its like why not take mine in your flesh and blood not him. so i just come to my room but recently hes been nasty with me again.. he used to put WET towels in my bed, put dirty dishes in my room and all other things, not wash my work uniform so i have to go to work in dirty clothes coz hes used all the washing power when he knows i wanted to wash my clothes, hide my stuff and come routing through my things. i help him out alot with money and stuff but dont get anythign in return.. he works in a hospital and earms a decent wage and my mum works as a cleaner where i work..  we arnt rich or poor were avarage middle class.. 
i just feel so depressed and low all the time... i wanna tell my mum but she will take his side and im gettting so tired of it all :(
what can i do??
jo92 jo92
18-21, F
1 Response May 30, 2011

fornicate with you father.