My Stepdad

honestly i don't like him one bit. his thinking, ideas, what he does, and his way of living sickens me. an eye sore. i believe he doesn't deserve the title of being a father or a dad. and to list some reasons:

1) complains to much

2) grounds me for no apparent reason. (grounds me for either leaving a laundry door open, grounds me for showing that he is wrong)

3)makes rules that he breaks

4) talking away from getting in trouble from mom.

5) lazy (make me do stuff that he doesnt want to do)

6) picky

well you get the idea. so over all i hate him with a passion. try to get along with him but will never work out. two total opposites under the same house, manipulate people to his biding. abusing the power of being a parent. lie to myself just to please my mom. feeling like running away but back of my mind know it wont do anything. main reason of me being so dark and cold hearted. changes me and my identity. have a bad way in teaching me some stuff about stuff. say there are people who are jerks and all that but always picture him:P and final thing everyone under this house hold knows it.(pretty sad)







but now, i guess its getting better and just accepting him in who he is...


ive been away to college and heard shocking things... that my step dad changed. i guess hes not use to us and over time we all learn how to get along.  so people with stepdads give em a chance and if its not clicking then i guess communication is the best way to try and get along... hope all is well and yeah ^_^

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That's exactly what my step dads like always saying and making up lies for my mum to believe him not me

I have had four different stepfathers. That's right, my mom married four more times after my dad. Here is the bottom line: divorced parents should only remarry if it is completely obvious that their prospective spouse and child/children LOVE each other. Of course zillions of people don't do it this way but THEY SHOULD.<br />
Secondly, you as a stepchild should work hard at school and at your home with chores and JUST muddle through. If you work hard at school you will set yourself up for a good future in which you get another chance at a happy family life: the one YOU get to create. So choose your spouse wisely and make a better life for YOUR children! Good luck to everyone, you deserve a good life where you are valued! And if you are working hard at school and at home and still are treated poorly get HELP. Contact a relative, authorities, someone. You don't deserve maltreatment!<br />
PS suicide is NEVER the right answer! After four stepfathers and two stepmothers, I have been happily married for almost twenty years and have two happy, loved children! There is hope!

i was 13 when i met my step dad John i said to him i hate you you stupid dickhead then he said got to you room so well i had to my mum and worked in a nursing home so she was away for a few days at a time anyway 5 minutes later he came into my room with a wooden spoon he said take you clothes off i said no then he took them off for me and he took my undies off and smacked me with the spoon i yelled ahhh then he said shut up **** then he through me on the bed and started sucking and touching my breasts then i was saying ohh ahh then he moved down to my ''fanny'' then he started fingering and licking it then i started getting ''kinky'' and saying things like ohh yer ah mmm then he said you want to suck my **** then he just pushed in in my mouth to tell the truth i started to enjoy this so i started sucking it it tasted sooooo good then he said hold up my girl im entering you he started calling me babe he entered me with his tasty **** i started moving with him up and down up and down in and out in and out then i reached ****** this went on for nights then him and my mum broke up she ran away with my boyfriend at the time so i moved in with john im 15 now and he is 31 i still love to ride him :) <3 hes my man now we have a little girl on the way we going to call her kim :) so try to be nice to your step dads :)

man i feel sr for u but my situation no different dan you i hate my step dad so much dat i could explose i wanna kill him so much


omg it's amazing to see hw many people r experiencing the same ting as me bt **** <br />
<br />
step dads are ******* ANNOYING <br />
<br />
<br />

omg it's amazing to see hw many people r experiencing the same ting as me bt **** <br />
<br />
step dads are ******* ANNOYING <br />
<br />
<br />

I ******* hate my step dad like you wouldn't believe!!!!!! I wish I didn't have to feel this way about a person or that I wouldn't have to have such horrible thoughts, but he's the reason why I do. I just hate him. Hate is a powerful word but I absolutely HATE him! He came into the picture when I was about 6 yrs old. I remember at first he would try to buy me stuff in order to win me over but it was only because he was trying to impress my mom. He kept spoiling me and once he had won me and my mom over then that's when the ******* who I have hated my whole life started to come out. He made me start calling him dad which at first was a little weird because I had never called anybody dad before and I had barely met him and he already wanted me to start calling him dad. I was a little kid so I just started doing it. Then he would pick on me, I was a little kid and he would start telling me that I behaved like if I was gay and that I looked like nerd. He would boss me around alot and wanted me to do everything his way even brushing my teeth his way, because “he was always right." Then I remember how he humiliated me infront of my friends when I was a little bit older, he thought I was gay ( which I am not) and secretly told my friends to start picking on me and treating me like **** so I guess I could toughen up or something. I later found out he was the insecure one because when he was younger everybody thought that he was gay. He's always making me do stuff that he's to lazy to do. He's always pickig on me. He trys to make me feel like if I was a dumbass. Everytime we talk it is always about what I am doing wrong. He never has had a father son conversation with me. Every conversation I have ever had with him was about him bitcchin at me. Then one time when I finally had enough courage to tell him how I really felt, that I felt like a slave both him and my mom started bashing on me like you wouldn't believe. He's always asking me how I feel so he can understand me more and everytime I have tryed to tell him he bitchhes at me about the way I feel. And he's always complaining about why I never talk to him about stuff. I'm constantly thinking about suicide. I tryed it once and he didn't even say anything about it. I downed a whole bunch of pills and the only one that cared was my mom. He favors my sisters over me because they are his biological children. Why do I have to live with him? I have never felt so much hate for anyone or anything before. I just started college and he still picks on me, tries to make feel inferior and tryes to control me like you wouldn't believe. The thing that sucks is that I hate him so much but I need him because without him I'd probably be homeless. I should be thankful but I hate him.

You have no idea what my step dad is like a true piece of ****

@XxLuckeeStarrXx Wow you sound kinda sexist

hey guys, well my stepdad is a @#$%wit, i try and do stuff to help out and sometimes i forget something or its not done right, and he just nails me for it. he said he over me, and quite frankly im over him to, i phoned my nan and pop and they said im more than welcome to stay with them.<br />
tonight im packing my bags and tomorrow arvo ill say im going to a footy game and take off, i just cant take his sh^t anymore and mum hates us fighting......

Ohhhh I've got a similar problem. It's really minor compared to some of the stuff I've read e.g he rapes me etc...<br />
I just get so irritated with him. <br />
Like, I get so much work from school and the one time i don't its around 10 30 and want to watch about 10 mins of tv and i go into the room and he's watching rugby (he watches tv EVERY night!!) I said is this really interesting? And he said " yes it is, I like it and no you can't use the tv cos I'm watching it, there's another one upstairs." he is referring to the one upstairs that is a box which is like the size of half a box of cereal, and there isn't even a decent seat except for the floor. however, in his bedroom he had a fine tv which he could alternatively use. i just want to kick him out and say "for once, could I just watch a quarter of an hour of tv, you watch it every day and I'm usually so loaded with homework, and you're being so selfish..." <br />
I get soooo irritated. And he thinks he deserves all this gratefulness from me because he does things like make the dinner, wash clothes, take me to friends houses and stuff but to tell the honest truth he deserves nothing cos he's a selfish pig who even has favourites within his own children, which I think is terrible. I don't know what to do, I've had enough of him but he's married to my mother and they have two children together, who are my half siblings...

Hi and nice to meet ya ^_^<br />
<br />
what you want to talk about?

this is my first time in this page... right now i am completely mad at my stepfather... and i really wanted to talk to somebody... to know some people who can share stuff with me... so i just google "i hate my stepfather" i guess this is a good place, your story, is someway like mine, so... hiya

to tell you the truth, things did get better. i guess its a wake up call in some sort of way that its not just him he needs to think of its the whole family thats living under the same roof.

Man...That just plain sucks. Hope things get better. Dealin with an ******* of a step "Father" of my own (or if id even classify him as a human).

anytime and hope everything works out for the best for all of u :)

i haven't talked to her about it.<br />
..i wish she would put us before him.<br />
...but i c the convo. turning into her getting pissed off!!<br />
.....i.d.k. i will try ....thanks sooo much for the advice!

thats quite a predicament... have you talked to your mom about it? i think all u need to do its just talk about who u feel and whats best for her and all of you... family comes first then other people...

Well I abs. hate my stepfather!!...thank god i have a real one!!.<br><br />
.He irritates me the way he stares and when u do something he doesn't like he shakes his head like a b***h!. <br><br />
Both him and my mom used to argue really bad to the point where the police would come over and take him away (thank the lord). <br><br />
We had to move from house to apartment and my mom got a seperation. <br><br />
She got a seperation because my mom found out he was cheating on her with another woman, sneaking over her house which happened to be like 3min. away. <br><br />
Now 3 years later they are the best of friends ...idk y .<br><br />
..Today i was really angry when i overheard my mom talking to him. <br><br />
We will be movng soon and my mom is gonna let me and my older brother come with her...little do we know thats only temporary! <br><br />
On the phone she was saying that she doesn't know what we are going to do but she gonna be with her husband.<br><br />
She also said that my older brother can stay with my father or something once my GAY *** stepfather comes in the picture.<br><br />
She can care less where i go! But I have to do something because me and my older brother hate him. And we can't be in the same house together???

thank you

all i can say is hold out a little longer and be strong. once you are old enough make some money and get a new home for you and your mom...

my step dad is a real *******<br />
my mom and i are from china <br />
he act like a good person before mom married him<br />
now he and his daughter start asking us do so many things for them,yelling at us and taking money away from mom and i<br />
why do we stay with people like him ? <br />
he said "because you gays are chinese if you don't do what i said then just got out of my house and you will have to go back china"<br />
mom told me i have to suffer <br />
i feeling like my heart is breaking in pieces.<br />
i tried to suicide and was sent to hospital for the 700ml blood i lost<br />
"you can't go back" said my real father in china<br />
no i have no where to go no one care and no bright future<br />
what is next?<br />
i gun hole on my head ?<br />
i don't want to<br />
but maybe i have to<br />
for my soul and heart

seriously i think they need to experience first hand in having their own child in taking care and all that to have a better understanding in raising a family and all that...

Yea same here for once I came in the house a little to late and my mom ask him to put the food away ,he says no! then calls her a dumb ***** : then says John(My Biological Father) is not my real father and he is ,the he always says i cant defeat him in a fist fight

yeah but luckily he's not.

=[ same thing happens here.<br />
I just dont like him and how he operates and handles certain situations -_-<br />
everything was fine till he came

hey its ok. there are times you really need to get things off. and thanks for sharing. :)

well i actually dont know. he has this staring problem and he stares at everyone. he said he blames it on his "accident" but i dont know anymore.<br />
<br />
and i guess it is a good thing my mom doesnt have any daughters if he does fall into that category.

You do that hon, Just stick it out:)

thanks but i can hold out a little longer. i just need to vent this out because he blah. in august im leaving this hell hole. but need to come back for my mom every year or so.

Awe honey, I am sorry try to hang in there. <br />
<br />
I am here if you want to talk