I've Had Enough With Him

Im 16 years old and 6' tall. My moms been dating this guy for like a year and hes at our house everyday now.they're not married but thier in a commited relationship and plan on getting married. At first he was cool but for the last month hes been talking trash everytime he sees me. He calls calls me a dumb*** and tells me im not gonna be ****. Two weeks ago i was watching a nba game on tv and he came in the house and asked me why am i watching this when i know im not gonna make it there. I told him i can do anything if i try hard enough. Then he tolled me to shut my stupid a** up and i got mad and punched him in his fat nose and yelled "im tired of u talkin sh*t!" He grabbed his bloody nose and told my mom he has to leave b4 he kills me. Then he came back to the living room and told me if i ever hit him again he would "deal with me" i said "u aint gone do sh**" then i followed him out the front door and pushed him in his back and said whats up then. Then he turned and swung at me and i dodged it and hit him with a flurry of punches(i had boxing lessons for 2 years. My neighbors a boxing coach) he fell in the grass and stumbled to his feet then got in his car and burned out. My mom was crying and my 20 year old sister just watched with her mouth wide. My mom is pissed at me and wont talk. I just think its childish for an adult to talk to a minor like thier trash and im not the type of person thats gonna let another person put me down. I only hit him because i knew he wouldnt f*** with me any more if i kicked his ***. I dont see how mom could watch me get putdown all the time and get mad at me when i defend myself from the verbal abuse. He hasnt came back sense and now im happy to have my house back but sad that my mom is upset
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I'm proud of you / I only Wish I Had the Strenghth and Courage to do wat you did to My ******* Step Father.

Congrats on winning the fight. I hoped your mom didn't find a new *******.

I have to ask: where is your biological father in all of this? You didn't say, and it does make a difference.<br />
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Do you look more like your mother, or do you look just like the bio-dad? If you fall into that latter category, you are a constant reminder of bio-dad and your mother's previous life (with bio-dad) and this causes much resentment by stepparents.<br />
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But something tells me the real problem is you, with your attitude, and that you probably would have done this even if her boyfriend was nicer to you. I think you're just a violent delinquent child. It almost makes your mother look bad as well (not raising a well-behaved child).<br />
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Part of the blame is on your mother as well. She shouldn't have even introduced you to him in the first place. Better to just wait until you're 18 and out of the house.<br />
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You ought to apologize to both of them.

Good riddance to bad trash