I Cant Stand My Stepdad

i dont know why i cant stand my stepdad. he always think hes the man of the house it gets on my nerves and when i was little  he put his hands on me he used punch me on my arm or in my stomach over stupid stuff. like he nevers yells at me loud when my moms not around but when shes not he does. and everytime he yells at me my childhood side want to the just kill him. idk why i have those thoughts. Thats why when i have kids he will never lay a hand on my kids. Plus my stepdad gets mad if i actually call his friends by there names i have to say mr and i have to say aunt in front of his sisters if i dont then i get yelled at i never call my sisters aunt only ny there name my mom never gets mad at me over that. Every time you try to get your answer through he yells at me. like when he thought my twin try to get big with him and he wasnt he came down the stairs and rough en up push him and tell that if he did it again he will punch so he punched the door real hard. i sometimes wish my mom married a white guy or asian guy or latino guy. GOD I WISH COULD PUNCH ACROSS HIS FACE. idk what do to 
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1 Response May 11, 2012

it's going to be okay . I experience almost the same thing at home it will get better