I'm Emotionally Wrecked.

He puts me down. He is rude. He is mean. He calls my dad bad names. He argues. He smokes(cigarettes, but doesn't have the decency to not do it in the car) . He sleeps. He's lazy. He's snoopy. He's in charge... He's bossy. He's inconsiderate. He's selfish. He calls me stupid. I can't eat when I want to. I can never speak my mind. He always tells me i'm wrong. He yells at me for getting bad grades. I have A's, B's, and the one D in math. So I have a little trouble with that subject. I try my hardest, but he says I don't. He's not me!!! He doesn't know me. He never tried to know me. I'm a vegetarian, He tries to make me eat meat. When I won't he yells and says I need the protein. I know how to get protein without meat. He doesn't care about me. At all. The worst is, is that he treats his own son worst than me. And it's terrifying. I feel so terrible, it's outrageous. My step brother is only 9...But I call him my real brother because we strangely look alike and he grew up with me. But he is only 9... and has gone through twice as much as me. I'm 15. He has gone through more yellings, spankings, getting things taken away, and he is a wonderful kid. The best kid out there. I'm a really good kid, I have good grades(besides math, but i'm not flunking though..), I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do bad things! I don't even say crap. The word. That's how good I am. Yeah. I miss my dad. So much. I only live like 5 hours away. But me and my mom moved for 'the evil thing'. And now I can only see my dad in the summer. Oh wow, the evil thing just gave me a stupid speech about not using a plastic cup. ;def;lkjsg;lkweg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nhjmnhjmfgv. I really don't want to live here anymore. But I can't leave my mom. And I can't tell her how I feel. Because it's like....sdflwjego;iewj. You know? Sorry if you actually read this. I guess it's pointless.
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

I know how you feel trust me. If you ever need to talk message me.

Its not pointless. You're clearly struggling and need to talk about this more. Maybe once you talk about it more you'll find better ways to deal with your step father. If you need to talk I'm here. <3