He Is Overcontrolling And Nosey

He is always in my business and wants to talk to me. I just want to tell him to STFU!!! When we go out to dinner he is really rude to the waiter. He acts like he is better than everyone else WHICH HE IS NOT!!! He is always telling me what to do and I HATE HIM. My mom is 20 years younger than him. Plus, she listens to everything he says. I want to him to leave me alone. Everything he does is annoying and he brags about everything and i honestly couldnt give a flying F****. I have 4 years left with him and my mother and I am almost at the point of asking my dad to get full custody of me. I am in hell when I am with them. HELP ME
Manththepanth Manththepanth
2 Responses May 19, 2012

Yes I am EXACTLY the same he tell me what to do and whenever I talk back my mom is there defending him I'm really sad and don't want to live with him anymore........he always tells me what to do!! I hate him.

My stepdad is the same way. It's now to the point where he's turned my mom against me and my older brother. I have 4 years of dealing with them also. My dad and stepmom know how bad it is there and have offered to go to court to get full custody of me, but I don't want to leave my little brother.. <br />
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