I Wish He Would Get Out Of My Life!!!

i freaking hate my stepdad!! he gets on my nerves. HE is a stupid alcoholic that can't take care of his family. Today i stood up to him and he tried to hit him!!! i don't know who he think he is to hit me. i just want to see him try!!! the only reason why he didnt hit me is because my brother got in the middle but i just want to see him hit me!!!What gets me mad is that whatever he tells me he always says it when my mom is not here!! if she is here, he can't tell me. He is a coward! i just wish he would get out of my life already. I just can't wait until i'm 18 so i can move out!! If it was up to me, I would've left already!! i don't know what my mom saw in him when she decided to marry him. he is a terrible man that i hate with all my guts. I just feel like killing him sometimes but that will just ruin my life! i just waqnt this nightmare to be over.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

Stay strong do u hav ur real dad? If ya then I suggest u to move to his house like what I did I hate my stepdad with all my guts we hav a lot in common:)

Stay strong, and always remember you are better than him... and remember to always speak up, never suffer in silence, but i think you know that already. lots of love sent your way x