He's Just Everywhere

My mum started dating her boyfriend before I even knew my parents were getting a divorce. I always disliked him, and every time I see him I hate him even more. She spends what seems like all day on the phone with him, and she and I are always arguing about him. I felt horrible because she was so hurt by how obvious it was that I hated him so I kept trying to make an effort but every time I would find something about him that I hated.

I've tried being positive, looking for things we can agree on, forgetting all my assumptions etc. but he always manages to say something highly offensive (e.g. "fat people are just so unfortunately disgusting" which I find both offensive on their behalf as well as rude and hypocritical as he is quite chubby) or ask me a ridiculously personal question (e.g. the first time we meet, "so how are you coping with your parents' divorce?" before the divorce had even been finalised) or just on and on and on...

To make matters worse we're now living in a house he bought us after my mum got laid off. She works in his practise in a job he gave her and has to travel halfway across the country 2 weeks out of every month do to so, and I hate owing him and feeling like I should be grateful to him when I hate him so much and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

Worst of all, my sister who always follows my example at first didn't have a problem with him but after listening to my stories decided she hates him too which drives my mother mad. I don't know how to fix it? What should I do?
maekida maekida
Sep 22, 2012