Wish I Was Dead

it all started when i was 8 yeah he gives me stuff but i rather not have it then live with him i mean today i was cleaning the bathroom with chmicals and he told me wipe it down with my hand also i have qiour sorry cant spell but he haid me 10 minutes late and i cant be late another reason i hate him is he wont let me get dessert once i didnt even let me have dinner and when he lets me have dessert i get it at 8:59 my bed time is 9:00 and last but not least he broght my horrible cousin into my life shes 10 like me but the diffrence is SHE PEES AND POOPS IN HER PANTS SHE SHARE A ROOM WITH ME AN SHE WATCHES ME WHEN I GET DRESSED AND SHE ALWAYS IS EMMBARSINME SHE NEVER DOES HER HAIR
stepdadoutrage stepdadoutrage
Dec 3, 2012