The Reason Why I Simply Can't Stand My Stepdad

Since my parents divorced , I've been living with my mum and I get to see my dad once a week.

When I was 5 years old , I met a girl in kindergarden who became my friend.
5 years later , I invited her to go on vacations with me. Still now I regret doing that.

My mother and her father met on that vacation and hooked up. They've been together since then. It was fun for awhile (I was very young and found cool to live with my friend) , but then it became a nightmare.

I was 13 and I started to see in him things that I'd never noticed before ; how rude he is on the phone with his co-workers , the fact that he is a psycho control freak about everything , the way he simply shows he hates me (he doesn't speak to me , insults me in front of me or in front of my mom) , the way he thinks that his daughter is way better than me , and I could go on , and on , and on.

But the 2 questions I ask myself : Why does my mother like this ape and why doesn't she stand up for me when I need her ?

I'm 16 at the moment and I'm sure one day him and I will have a really long conversation , and will say everything until that man understands what an a**hole he can be sometimes.

Good luck to everyone who has to struggle with someone they hate who lives with them.
Thingsinlife Thingsinlife
18-21, F
Dec 15, 2012