Happy Birthday ******!

My stepdad,
He's an alcoholic
He's a bastard
I ******* hate his stinking guts!

I wanna kick the ****** until he is near death, then chop off his muther ****** head off with my axe!

He lied about having cancer once, just so my mom would stop nagging at him about his drinking, his logic was "well i might as well just drink, i'm dying anyway"
My mom found out he never had cancer from his doctor, the doc said that he had no idea where my stepdad would get that from, he doesn't have cancer.

Of course my mom forgave him, said he must have just got "mixed up" , yeah right!!!

Yesterday morning, he was outside my room, shouting "******* BASTARD!" , must have been about me i guess, unless he was calling my mom a bastard, he is the bastard!!!!

Today is his birthday, i'm buying him a big bottle of scotch and hope it kills him!, he keeps promising that he wont be alive by christmas!, i wish he would keep that promise, that would be the best christmas ever!

I got him a birthday card, just threw it on the table where he sits,then went out and got ******* drunk.
Never spoke to him and not spoke since.
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Dec 16, 2012