I Hate My Step Father


First of all, I am really glad that I could share my feelings without any worries.
Well, my mom remarried 12 years ago. Ever since he came, I was always stressed and could not be a kid anymore. He talks disrespectfully to my mom and bullies me. If we don't do things the way he wanted, he puts a lot of pressure on us. He gets drunk and threatens us. One time he even grabbed a knife and threatened to chop my little sister off. I wish getting a divorce was easy. My mom and I could just leave him, but things just don't work out that easily... He was arrested once, but got away. He's got power... Mom and I have no choice but to take every hardship he makes us go through. My mom cannot work and therefore we all depend on him.
I am still in my teen years. I want to laugh and have fun with my friends. Because I cannot leave my mom, I stay home, always on a high alert. I always have this fear of him getting my mom hurt. He brings the bread, but he also kills us slowly...
I really wish I could do something about him. Whenever he yells at us, whenever he curses in front of my little sister, I just hate him to death... I hate that my hands are tied...
I work 3 days a week, and go to school 4 days a week. What else can I do? The money I saved is just not enough T.T
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Jan 9, 2013