He Hit Me

About 2 years ago now, I had the worst winter I ever had. I misbehaved often and when I did, my mom would punish me more and more that I would just act out again. My parents are divorced but my dad only lives about 5 minutes away, and they are still friends. I mainly live with my mom because it is convenient to have all of my things in one place. One night, I was arguing with my mom about something. Often times when I argue with her, her boyfriend (who lives with us) chimes in even though he doesn't have anything to do with the conversation. He makes sarcastic comments and it's obvious that he thinks I am stupid at times. He was downstairs in the foyer while I was arguing with her and he was making his comments and usually I don't say anything but this time I got so sick of it that I yelled down to him "You aren't part of this family, stay out of it." And I heard him run up the stairs and he came into my room and grabbed my shirt and pinned me against the wall. I got really scared because I have never been physically hurt by anyone, especially a family member. He was screaming in my face and I took my closet door and swung it in his face. He immediately punched me in the eye and stormed out. My mom watched the whole thing in shock and she was screaming and I dropped to the floor crying. I couldn't believe something like that had happened to me. I live in a fairly well-off area and no one I've heard of has family issues like that. He left in his car and my mom asked me if I was okay, obviously I said no. She took me to my dads and my dad and stepmom were shocked as well. I stayed with them for about a week when my stepmom said I had to go back to the house because I eventually had to confront him. I was so nervous because I knew I never wanted to see him again. But I had no choice, and I went back. He apologized and cried about it, and I said its okay but I never forgave him. I am in college now so I don't have to see him all of the time but when I am home I don't even feel comfortable looking him in the eye. I really despise him. And he recently lost his job, so he is at the house all of the time when I am. I don't even feel comfortable going downstairs to the kitchen, because he is always in there. I honestly would rather not eat than to be down there with him alone. It has been 2 years, I don't think I will ever forgive him. But I need some way of coping with it, because I won't be officially moved out until I get my own place. And that's not for another 2 years...
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Jan 10, 2013