I Hate My Gay Stepdad

So my real dad is gay and divorced from my mom and I live with him and his partner. Though they are not legally married in the U.S. he is still a step dad. I chose to live with him when me and my mom were going through a rough time because of our vast differences. Me and my brothers already didn't like him but I figured it'd still be better. Well at first it kind of was but after living with him full time eventually his bitching, nagging, and OCD have made it a living hell. Just recently we moved into another house all around a bit nicer but when I told him that even though I said "let's move here" I still like the area of Phoenix we moved into better and he goes "boring" every time I tried to elaborate. Also like 2 seconds ago he come into the guest house, were I live, and says hey you can't keep it higher than 70... Which his tone really pissed me off and my dad is the one who makes 98% of all income. So who the hell is he to say that. Then he tells my dad "i think Andrew should get a job and pay for his car insurance" I'm 17 and his gay *** is 51 and he doesn't pay his own so she needs to stfu. I've been depressed about many things over the past few months, 80% has to do with him, this house I hate, and I want to go back to my moms in Memphis but I can't... I even contemplated suicide for a while but I thinks that's done for now. Now even though u guys think this is stupid living with him and all his petty little annoyances just make u want to explode. So Ive come up with an idea that after college I will basically become estranged from my dad and his partner a move out of state if not country. But sometimes I think of beating the **** out of his stupid ******* face.

More examples of why I hate him

- he makes fun of people when they are right there and says "they can't hear me"
-his laugh
- he mooches every dime off of my dad and then tells him to stop spending so much when it comes to us.
- he acts like he has a say in how my dad raises me, he'll say we'll when I was a kid I had a job and chores... But I'm not him or his ******* kid and when I say "and" in response he just acts like I'm the most disrespectful and unappreciative kid ever.
I hate him so much I just can't give examples of why I hate him because every time I start to just loose it thinking of him.
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Jan 13, 2013