I Hate My Step Dad So Much

Ok so basically I am 13 years old and my parents split up when i was 3 years old and my mum got with her new boyfriend (my step dad) and i get to see my real dad 2 times a month , i live with my mum,step dad and half brother. But now nearly every day i argue with my step dad and he tries to drag me by my neck out of the room. So i start to fight back but since he is triple the size of me its kinda hard so i get shoved upstairs in my room but them an hour or something later my mum comes up stairs saying it was all my fault and that i should be more nicer to him.When he's the one starting it and not being nice to. I have been putting up with this for years but recently while my mum was out and it was just me, my half brother and my step dad i had just come down stairs seeing if my brother wanted to go out side (he's 6 years old by the way) when my step dad starting bad mouthing me saying why do i always have to come downstairs and ruin everything and saying i should just stay upstairs by myself. So then i started to speak back to him to stand up for myself and then he's like whatever just go back upstairs and don't do anything like turn the football of so since i had, had enough of him i marched up to the tv and turned it off. He then went mental and grabbed me by my neck and was pinning me up against a walk then eventually shoving me onto the floor and locking me out of the living room. I was in pain and was on the floor crying but then when my mum got home she didnt believe me and my step dad said i was lying and my brother was in his room so he didnt see any of it. Now i can't wait to get away and move out but thats going to be ages what can i do in the mean time to deal with this as it has happened more and more and sometimes in the middle of the street.
simmy247 simmy247
Jan 20, 2013