No One Knows What He's Like

I am 13 years old and if you've read my last story you would know all about my step dad and how he treats me no better than a dog and how he tried to drag me by my neck and throw me on the floor crying. But when i explained all this to my mum and saying its happened loads of times and he need's to learn to keep his temper she didnt believe a word i said as he had said nothing happened and that i made it all up. But i know if i made a big deal of it no one would believe it as he has a large group of friends and everyone respects him and really likes him. But how would i get people to know what hes really like always lying to get my mum to believe him and to get me told off and shouted at. And always shoving me about like a piece of **** how would i expose the real him please help!
simmy247 simmy247
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I hope you are ok! This post was from 2 yrs ago. :(