Why I Hate My Step Dad

I wish my mom would realize how horrible her husband is. I'm 13 and have been called any mean word you can think of by my step dad. Bitc**, mother fuc**r, dumb a$$, *****, ****, fat a$$, and everything else.
About a week ago me and my little sister got in a little argument. He came into our room spewing every curse word at me that he could think of, because my little sister is his real daughter so no matter what I say to her he gets pissed. If my mom wouldnt have walked in at the moment she did, I swear to you he would have punched me. Also about a week ago, my step dads shirt was in my room so I threw it in his. Out of no where he started calling me a disrespectful mother effer because I didnt take care of it. He only treats me like this. Once in awhile he'll call my older sister a fat ***, but other than that I'm the only on, out of 6, that gets told this stuff. He has also told me to "get the fu** out of his house" and go live anywhere but in his house.
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Jan 21, 2013