I Hate My Step Father

I hate my step dad with every fiber of my being, Honistly im just waiting for him to die. I know thats horabel and I think im a bad person for it but thats the way I honistly feel. Untill i was 14 or 15 he sexually abused me and I couldent do anything about it. I was so afraid of him and I dident tell my mom for years because I felt like I had done something wrong and it was punishment and like it was my fault I dident want her to hate me to. It happend for years. I adventually told someone elce and they told my mom we calld the cops but they dident do anything because we dident have any proof. She went back to him after he promised hed change. Yea promises dident meen anything to him he did it again I told her again we went to my cousins for a while and she took him back again, I had to go in that house again. He tryd it again and that was when I pulld a knife on him and told him to get out of my room and stay the **** away from me. I want him to die and I want it before I get marryd and before I have children so I can alow them to stay at grandmas. I wont let my future kids stay with. him

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For going through all of that, I completely respect you and hope that all goes well from here on out. I'm praying for you and all individuals who have to go through the same torture. I hope you never have to go through anything like that again. May God be with your spirit.

I really hate my moms BF. He's such a control freak and yells and hits her when the toliet gets clogged. Litterally.

I sense that people have some kind of hate. However if you continue holding onto past hurts you never find peace as an individual. I used to stay with my step-dad. He used to hit me, ridicule me and say all hurtful things to me. I have hated him for most of my youth, now I have resolved in my heart to forget about the past and stop reminding myself about him.

Wow thats deep my experience is no where near yours.The only my step dad did to me that was bad is have fist fights.Like one time he knocked me out cold for like 3 mins.and my mother was sitting right there when it happened and all she did was kick him out for a month then he came back and is pulling of the same crap,My mom tome is weak because half of the time we fight is because i'm sticking u for her.She lets him talk to her however she likes,Her dumb self had a baby by him so now i'm really stuck with him.And my mom said you can't tell anybody about this because they will ask questions.She don't give a crap about my feelings instead she just suckes up tomy step dad.I know this is really bad to say but I hope my step dad dies in a hole. so he can feel the pain Ifelt and still feel to this day

my mum constantly changes boyfriends one time she had a boyfriend that touched me on the stomach trying to get lower while I was sleeping and then told my mum “oh I was only being father like” or some **** like that, he promised he would never do it again my mum would always forgive him and say “oh his not like that” because shes stupid, and yet still after that he kept on touching my knees when im in the car with him and he still tried to get higher he always did it when my mum wasn’t around she was like blindly in love with him, he even gave her 3 speeding tickets that costs around $500 but no she sucked it up and still loved him, now shes with some *** hole that cant mind his own business when im on the computer he comes in and starts snooping around like his the F***ing cop’s, he kisses me on the cheek and some time’s trying to get closer and I always stay still not reacting like his nothing then he tells me “why don’t you love me?” F***k I don’t even think I love my own mother I haven’t experienced anything like you did and honestly I don’t want to but im always afraid that this newer boyfriend will try to get closer one time I throw up in the shower *I use to be bulimic* and 2 hours later he goes in the shower looking around after he spy’s on me he goes to my mum behind my back and telling her all the **** I did so she can get mad at me .he always tells me “oh you use to love me when you were 12” “oh I love you like a father *bullshit*“he was my mum’s 3rd boyfriend and his living with us again just for a place to stay and my mum only want's him for money I seriously want to get rid of him and my mum but im only 15 and my family live in europe and I live in australia so I don’t really have a place to go and im defiantly not living with my real father I only met him 4 time’s *because of child support* and yet I hate him I want everyone to die my friends don’t understand because their rich with a big family and still can’t think for themselves if I said I use to be bulimic they would be immature and think of thing’s as black and white or good and evil some time’s I don’t even think I like my own friend's I really hate the person im becoming sorry for the long rant but i dont know people who i cant talk to about it and i hate keeping this stuf in for 4 years with out telling anyone anyway i hope you get rid of that bastard

Get a job and move out asap!!!

Your grammar is horrendous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i srry bout tht but i hate my step dad to he vebally abuses my sexully abuses me stealls from me i hate him sooooooooo much

I feel so so sorry for you, my real dad never sexually abused me, but he did beat me. hang in there, things will get better =).

That's sad. I hate my stepfather as well, but he has never touched me sexually. He pushes me a couple of times, and verbally insults me every hour of every day, but it has never gotten that serious. I'm only 15. He yells at me a lot, and now I yell back. I can't stay the innocent, quiet child forever. He can't walk all over me. I felt the same way. I don't want my stepfather around when I get married or have children. If he is, then they will call him Mr. and then is last name.

awww.......thats bad !! i hate my step dad too... he didn't sexually abuse me but he has mental problem that he trys too do that but every time i scared him away. Even though it haven't happen to me but i'm scare it will happen.......... what if oneday he gone mental and i can't fight back! i'm scared!! i want to move out of the house but is still too young to!!!

I am sorry for all those horrible things youve gone through. I too have been in similar situations, although not with my stepdad so its a little harder for me to comprehend. I too hate mystepdad, just as much as you in fact. I remember I pulled a knife on my stepdad because he was beating up my brother. we called the cops but they didnt do anything because my brother didnt have any kind of scars or anything like that at the time. <br />
<br />
give it some thought...I dont want to give you advice on how to fix it, because I cant...just know that your not the only one who goes through these kinds of situations and it is a hard struggle to deal with